we were dysfunctional, we were passionate, we were violent, we were hurtful.

he loved me.


The pigeon is so on point. 

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What I Be Project, Steve Rosenfield

Photographer Steve Rosenfield recently asked subjects far and wide to complete the following statement: "I am not my ___ ". He prompted individuals to fill in the blank with their deepest and darkest insecurities, moving people to bring issues regarding body image, substance abuse, mental illness, race and sexuality to the forefront. The results of the social experiment of sorts is a photography series titled the What I Be Project, an intimate examination of the anxieties and inhibitions that plague men and women of all ages. 

The “What I Be Project” is all about honesty.

In today’s society, we are told to look or act a certain way. If we differ from these “standards,” we are often judged, ridiculed, and sometimes even killed over them.

By stating “I am not my_____,” people are claiming that they do in fact struggle with these issues, but it does not define who they are as a person. It is not aimed for people to say “You’re not fat,” or “You don’t have love handles.” It is to spread awareness on what people go through due to society’s paved roads. These are serious issues that some of us can live with, but most battle on a day to day basis. 

  1. I am not my shame.
  2. I am not my gender.
  3. I am not my image.
  4. I am not my turban.
  5. I am not my weakness.
  6. I am my amputation.
  7. I am not my bi-polar disorder.
  8. I am not my adoption.
  9. I am not my number.
  10. I am not my vision.

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The girl who’s never been on a nice date pt 8.2 

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And y’all worried bout Amanda Bynes

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you kids today with your iggy banks and azealia azalea 

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Teacher: You may listen to your music quietly



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Photos by a young Stanley Kubrick, taken in the 1940’s while employed by Look Magazine. [x] [Set 1 of 2]

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He kept barking to be let out…

But he was free the whole time…

Free him

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